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Our music and dance come from a rich and varied music/cultural tradition with lots of musical experimentation. Sadly, this variety has steadily been diluted into just another category alongside single-facet dances.

In this full-length lecture/application seminar, we will explore the extensive variety of rhythms in Salsa music. The rhythm recognition section will deal with learning the compositional differences of each rhythm and how to quickly recognize them. Just knowing you're listening to a rhythm variation can drastically increase the possibilities for personal expression.
In the dance application portion, we will focus on options to depart from the Mambo basic step, and add these rhythmical variations into your repertoire so that your movement will reflect these musical changes. 

Respect for the music and culture is so important in taking care of this rich tradition for future generations to enjoy. It will also vastly expand our enjoyment and variety of partaking in Afro-Latin dance. 

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