The art of footwork has long been disappearing from Afro-Latin dance. And yet, it is an essential skill in developing natural, musical movement from the ground up. 

In this Intensive we will shift the focus down to our feet through a series of warmup drills, detailed practice exercises, and a choreographed pattern. This practice will serve as an introduction for how to train our footwork in a separate way so that we can later use it to compliment and create movement throughout our entire body. 

Our feet are where it all begins. Developing the use of our feet and “footwork” not only refines their dexterity and rhythmical abilities, it strengthens the balance, speed, and groundedness in our dancing. And ultimately, it matures the overall quality of our movement and musical expression.

Strong footwork opens up infinite rhythmical and physical possibilities, and allows us to continue refining our skills as dancers and musicians of the body.

(The Footwork Intensive is open level)

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Footwork Intensive

Open Level (Sept 2020)

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  Footwork Warmup
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  Footwork Training Exercises
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  Footwork Lesson
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  Footwork Demo
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