A.C.B.M Isolations is the fundamental practice of Afro Latin Funk. It is a system of exercises designed to develop range of motion, as well as fine control of the entire body. By isolating parts of the body and using them individually to repeat the characteristic movements of African based disciplines, this practice systematically conditions the body, section by section, to respond to music in the desired fashion.

Practiced consistently, A.C.B.M Isolations provides a separate time to deal with the body and feeling of Afro-Caribbean music, making the dancer much more receptive and adept in all other facets of their practice. It teaches the sequential structure of movement in coordination with sophisticated rhythmical structures to develop a high level of quality and musicality. This puts the dancer in a position to express themselves musically with every part of their body.

Open Level: this designation is given to specialty training that is suitable for all levels of understanding. The focus will be on the maturing of specific facets of the art through the use of exercises and training methods.

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